A Trail of Hidden Words

A Trail of Hidden Words, a project that was made possible through funding given to me by IdeasTap, a creative website that helps fund and help young people to achieve. I had an idea to bring young writers together in my local town of Scarborough, they would share their personal views about the town in the most honest way possible and then display them for members of the public. I decided to get 5 local writers involved that varied from songwriters to poets, each then supplied me with existing and new content to work from.

I hosted this project in one of Scarborough's best kept gardens, The Italian Gardens of South Cliff, for just one evening making the trail exclusive and limited. The trail had 22 laser cut panels hung from various places and the garden was magically lit up, creating a mystical and tranquil atmosphere for the public to engage with. The night was a huge success, getting people to question and rethink their judgement and opinion of the town. Huge thanks has to be given to all 5 writers that were involved, James Koppert, Jamie McGary, Ben Sullivan, Lee Simpson and Martyn Hughes. 

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